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Get ready for some fun this fall.
Boy Scouts report on their trip to New Mexico and their points of learning.

Pentwater Service Club Does Bang-Up Job Collecting!
For the past two years, the Service Club has been collecting funds to support Pentwater Fireworks. We collected $3,805 -- 57% more than we collected last year ($2,451), and about 30% more than in 2014 ($2,934).  Our Treasurer, Harry Waller, seated on the left, has already submitted the donations to Chamber Director Eva Gregwer! Photos Courtesy of Ron Beeber
Street Repairs   Highway Cleanup
Collection Volunteers right before the parade   Club members tally donations

Pentwater Service Club Names the 2016 Citizen of the Year!
The Pentwater Service Club has selected Sally Ouweneel as its Citizen of the Year for 2016. “Mike Flynn and his review committee have made a terrific choice,” said Club President Ron Christians. “Sally is well known in our community. She’s served in many capacities for over 16 years. It’s great to be recognizing her many accomplishments.” Ouweneel was recognized during the Aug. 13 Homecoming Parade, and selected at the Service Club’s Citizen of the Year Dinner on September 22 at the Pentwater Yacht Club.

Said Club President, Ron Christians, “When I broke the news to Sally, she was quite reluctant to accept it because she’s such a humble person,” added Christians with a smile. “But I gave her very little choice. ‘You’re the one,’ I told her!” Ouweneel is the president of the Pentwater Women's Club. Sally has been active in Pentwater for many years quietly making Pentwater a better community and helping those in need. She is pictured here riding in the Home Coming Parade with Mike Flynn as her driver. Congratulate Sally when you next see her. Photos Courtesy of Dick Towner.
Street Repairs   Highway Cleanup
Sally rides in the Home Coming Parade   Sally Ouweneel
Street Repairs   Highway Cleanup
Citizen of the Year Dinner   Sally Ouweneel Accepts Citation from Senator Hansen

Pentwater Service Club is Picking Up!
In August, club members participated in the second of three annual clean-up sessions. Temperatures and humidity in the 80’s at 8 a.m. didn’t deter 20 Pentwater Service Club members from cleaning up two miles of U.S. 31 as part of the State of Michigan’s Adopt-A-Highway Program on July 21.  The Club is among the many hundreds of businesses, civic groups and families that clean up some 6,400 miles of Michigan highways three times a year.  Photos Courtesy of Ron Beeber

Street Repairs   Highway Cleanup
Crew has been given their Safety Briefing and is ready   Club members at work

Club Conducts Another Successful Blood Drive

Every year the Service Club sponsors the Bill Duncan Annual Memorial Blood Drive at the Pentwater VFW Post and provides the staffing to support the American Red Cross. Once again, Pentwater residents answered the call for support and donated blood to support local emergencies. Thanks to all who donated!

Pentwater Smart Streets Plan

Norm Shotwell, Village Council Member and Chairman of the Services Committee, introduces the new Smart Street plan to fund and enhance Pentwater streets, water, sewer, and storm sewer enhancements. Norm, pictured on left, then introduced the engineer from Wade Trim Engineering, pictured on right, who has been making initial infrastructure assessments and assisting with plan development.

Photo courtesy of Ed Bigelow
Street Repairs   Street Repairs

Andrew Skinner Presents “Talking Good Photos”
Editor, Oceana’s Herald-Journal, Andrew Skinner presented a portfolio of his photographic journalism and shared tips on framing scenes to capture more memorable moments and tell more intriguing stories. He shared a number of heartwarming photos of his young family including cleverly staged and costumed “annual” photo shoots as Pilgrim father and Jedi Knight, Darth Vader, with his daughters.

Andrew begins with photo from PTW Magazine    

Want to Be More Connected to the Community? Join Us!
We are always interested in having people join our club to help support the community. Being a member is a fantastic way to get to know many of the influential people in town, experts with fantastic skills and know-how, and people who are friendly and always willing to help a neighbor. Joining is easy! Check out our Membership Page today.

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